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                          Walnut Oil & Its Oil Content

                          walnut oil and its oil content

                          Walnut oil is a kind of edible vegetable oil that is made from walnut kernel. The fat content of walnut is as high as 65% ~ 70%, ranking the first of all the woody oil. In the international market, walnut oil is known as "Oriental Olive Oil". According to analysis, the fat content of walnut meat per 100 grams is 63 to 76 grams. Its fat main constituent is linoleic acid glyceride, linolenic acid and oleic acid glyceride, these are essential fatty acids for the human body. The color of walnut oil is yellow or brown, is the ideal edible cooking oil. (Related Post: Avocado Oil Processing Machine >>)

                          Fatty Acids Content (%)
                          Palmitic Acid 6.0~10.0
                          Stearic Acid 2.0~6.04
                          Oleic Acid 11.5~25.0
                          Linoleic Acid 50.0~69.0
                          Linolenic Acid 6.5~18.0

                          Typical Walnut Oil Extraction Process

                          The typical processing steps of walnut oil is shelling, kernel and shell separation, oil pressing, oil refining and so on. But, walnut features high oil content, so the oil extraction process is relatively difficult than other vegetable oils.

                          Walnut oil needs to be shelled, shell kernel separation, pressing, refining and other processes. And walnut is a high oil, the processing process is difficult. At present, the products processed from walnut has walnut oil and a series of foods such as walnut protein, walnut powder. (Related Project: Groundnut Extraction and Bioactive Protein Production Plant >>)

                          Advanced Walnut Oil Extraction Machine - Low Temperature

                          Since walnut has high oil content and low protein and fiber content, so the pre-pressing process usually adopts hydraulic oil press machine to extract about 70% of oil. And the oilcake after pre-pressing is crushed for Sub-critical Oil Extraction. The solvent is usually butane or propane, butane mixed solvent, extraction process parameters.

                          low temperature walnut oil extraction machine
                          160L Walnut Oil Processing Unit
                          • Oilcake Size: volume < 0.5cm3
                          • Extraction Times: 4 times
                          • Extraction Temperature: 25 ~ 35℃
                          • Material Solubility Ratio: 1∶1.2 ~ 1∶1.25
                          • Residual Oil: ≤1%
                          • Denaturation of Meal Protein: NSI > 80%

                          walnut oil extraction plant project
                          Successful Walnut Oil Extraction Plant Project in China

                          ABC Machinery has established a demonstration project of 80TPD Sub-critical Walnut Oil Extraction Plant in Anyang City, Henan, China. If you are interested in walnut oil manufacturing, we can supply lab-scale, small scale and industrial scale oil extraction machine at your request.

                          how to start your own production line with best business plan

                          Main Functions of Walnut Oil

                          • Has the function of strengthening the body
                          • Can moisturize the skin
                          • Has a cosmetic effect
                          • Has beautiful hair care function
                          • Has the function of strengthening brain and nourishing brain
                          • Can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
                          • Can improve the function of endocrine system
                          • The effect of walnut oil on bone system calcium supplement
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