Subcritical Oil & Oleoresin Extraction Technology

                          Offer equipment for processing 0.1~200 ton raw materials per day

                          Sub-critical Extraction is designed for extracting of active substance from natural plant, animals and microorganism. It is ideal choice for extracting high-quality essential oil, oleoresins, biological proteins and natrual pigments and food colour, etc. Featured of low temperature extraction; no pollution; energy saving and low production cost.

                          What Materials are Suitable for Subcritical Extraction Process?
                          What Can You Get?

                          Vegetable Oil

                          Essential Oil

                          Fat & Butter

                          Spice Oleoresins

                          Natural Colours

                          Animal & Plant Protein
                          Successful Projects

                          Hundreds of production line equipped with sub-critical extraction machines are running at home and abroad.

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